While you wait for "the call", treat yourself to a babymoon getaway!

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Looking for some pampering and relaxation while you wait for that life-changing phone call? A babymoon vacation is the perfect answer!

Babymoon getaways are designed for optimum pampering and luxury.

These "last hurrah" trips for parents-to-be provide the perfect setting to relax and reconnect as a couple before entering (or re-entering) parenthood.

Pre-baby vacations are one of the hottest trends in travel today, and with good reason.

Moms and dads-to-be know that luxury vacations without sippy cups and bibs may be out of reach for a while, so they're seizing the opportunity for one last romantic getaway.


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The Waiting is the Hardest Part

As an adoptive parent, the hardest part of the adoption process can be the wait.

Whether waiting for the homestudy to be completed or the referral call to come, waiting is something that can be hard to do well!

One of the things that can really help endure the wait is to plan a pre-baby getaway.

Researching destinations and planning a trip can be a great distraction and keep you from obsessing about when your referral will come.

Many adoptive parents are so glad they went on a babymoon getaway!

It can be one of the most memorable vacations you will ever take and is highly recommend for those of you who are "in waiting".

Choosing Your Babymoon

A growing number of resorts, inns and spas are offering babymoon packages tailored to parents-to-be.

While many of these packages offer amenities such as pregnancy body pillows that are clearly geared to pregnant moms-to-be, most include amenities that have general appeal to expecting parents.

Also, some destinations offer wonderful romance or activity packages that would make excellent babymoon getaways even though they're not labeled as such.

Babymoonguide.com helps you find the perfect babymoon vacation.

We researched hundreds of destinations and resort packages tailored to the needs and interests of parents-to-be.

Click on the destination link to find your perfect getaway.

Be sure to mention Babymoonguide.com when you book your getaway.

Happy Babymooning!

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