Babymoon in Tahiti

by Lisa
(Caldwell, NJ)

One of Tahiti's Beautiful Beaches

One of Tahiti's Beautiful Beaches

My husband and I were married in February 2007 in the Bahamas. We wanted to go somewhere else for our Honeymoon and decided to go to Tahiti. Everything was booked. After our beautiful wedding, we found out that we were expecting. We told our Dr. about the honeymoon that now turned into a babymoon. He told us that it was fine since we did not have any complications during our pregnancy. I was 17 weeks pregnant when we disembarked on our trip. I was over my queasy stage and started getting my energy back.

I did so much research because I did not travel to a far destination while pregnant before. The flight to Tahiti is very long from New Jersey. Luckily we have family in California, so we took a 5 hour flight to LAX met with family and spent the night before heading to airport again for our 7 to 8 hour flight to Papeete. I made sure that I carried lots of snacks and drank lots fluids and moved around.

The Plane to Papeete, Tahiti was a jumbo jet so it was pretty comfortable. I probably slept most of the way. Once we arrived at our hotel, we just relaxed for our 1st day there. The next day we went to the Hotel's Buffet and enjoyed breakfast(Fruit - especially pineapple is delicious). After breakfast we decided to walk into town. Our 5 minute walk turned into a 30 minute walk to town. But it was very bearable. I think the long walk did me some good. We did a little shopping in town since everything is pretty pricey in Tahiti. We watched some of the natives performing a dance at one of their open markets. It was very enjoyable. After our day of fun we decided to take a taxi ride back to the hotel. There was an Avon Convention at our hotel and from our balcony we got a very nice (free) dance show performed for the Convention participants.

Next day we headed onto a ferry over to our next destination - Moorea, Tahiti. We stayed here for the next few days in an overwater bungalow. I rested the duration of our trip, reading, writing and just watching my husband from our balcony snorkeling in the lagoon. It was peaceful and breathtaking. The food was always fresh and delicious. The service is the best I have ever experienced(we travel a lot). We spent some time at the beach, pool and driving on the one street that circles the whole island. The views in Tahiti are magnificent. The natives are very friendly. The weather was perfect in May.

I truly recommend Tahiti to anyone for a babymoon. You will be so relaxed and you will be well taken care of. I recommend booking thru Brendan Travels. They took care of everything for us from the flight, transfers from airport to ferry to hotel and they picked the best Hotels and Overwater bungalow. So it was not stressful at all.

When we returned from our babymoon I continued to walk everyday and ended up having a healthy baby boy @ 39 weeks on my birthday and I was only in labor for 4 hours. I think all the walking I did(started in Tahiti) helped with my speedy delivery.

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