Northern California Mellow Mommy Babymoon

Mellow Mommy Babymoon

Mellow Mommy Babymoon

My husband and I are expecting our first baby on May 8th and we wanted to take a weekend trip for a quick get away. After a little research on my husband's part, we found Mellow Mommy. The entire experience was WONDERFUL! We booked a private session, but she also does group sessions.

Once we flew into San Francisco, we took a wonderful scenic drive to TimberCove, CA (recommended by Cindy). We drove through several wineries, then through red wood trees and quaint villiages, and finally along the coast to the hotel. Once we got to Timbercove Inn, Cindy was there waiting. She had already checked us in. When we got to the room, it was set up with the fire place on, a basket of goodies (best bread I've ever had) and a place to do the relaxation seminar.

During the short seminar, she taught me and my husband how to relax through breathing. Then she showed us some massage techniques for eachother. It was great! She also gave us a book to reference to with pictures of the massages.

The next day we were free to explore. She also gave me a prenatal massage (my husband paid extra for a massage too). This was wonderful and much needed after doing some walking along the beautiful coastline all morning.

The three day weekend is one that I will always remember. It was a time for my husband and I to reconnect and take time to enjoy our first pregnancy together. I would recommend this vacation to any couple who is having a baby. Cindy is knowledagble and she related to us so well.

We can't wait to visit Timbercove again!!!

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