Orlando/Discovery Cove Babymoon

by A Happy Babymooner

Orlando/Discovery Cove BabymoonTwo Thumbs up

My husband and I are trying to save up for baby so we didn't go for an extravagant expensive package at a luxury hotel. Rather we stayed at a Homewood Suites in the area, and went to Discovery Cove in Orlando, FL. It was a little pricey, but searching coupons, entertainment books you can find it cheaper. There are two basic packages. The resort package which includes food, drinks, snacks, wet suit, snorkel(which is yours to keep), mask, towels, lockers, shower and changing facilities, and even sunscreen. All this was $169. For $259 you can swim with the Dolphins too. I didn't do the swimming with the Dolphins as Discovery Cove doesn't recommend it for expectant mothers (being they are really heavy animals). If you are able to get a doctors note and approval they will allow it. I was able to get pretty close and get some cool photos though. The Discovery Cove packages include 14 consecutive days at your choice of resorts, see their website for more info. We went to Sea World, and were a little disappointed in the upkeep and overall value of Sea World. But at least I didn't pay $80 just to get in to that park.

Back to the positives about Discovery Cove. It was relaxing. They take reservations...so there is a limit to home many people they will allow in the park, so its not unbearable. They have beautiful little beaches a heated lazy river, a place to walk in with sting rays and a large area/reef area to swim/snorkel with multiple types of fishes... absolutely beautiful.

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Florida is one of the most popular destinations for babymooning couples.

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